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V8 V-Fusion Energy Drink

Do you need more energy during the day?  I know, that's just a silly question.  It's more rhetorical than anything.  Whether your a parent, a student, or just someone who works hard for the money..(sorry, had too), we all need a little pick me up throughout the day.  There are many people who have a strong aversion to coffee, and some who can only drink maybe one cup of it a day.  Then there are people who LOVE tea, and people who can't stand it, like me.  So what is one to do, when one has had enough coffee, and doesn't like tea?  I have the answer for you! USA, LLC

As a member of BzzAgent, they send me free samples of products to try in exchange for my honest review.   I recently had to opportunity to review V8 V-Fusion Energy drinks!

Now, I love all things energy related, especially drinks that give me the boost I need to get through the day.  I was slightly nervous about this one though because what I really dislike is TEA.  I've tried many times, and all kinds, but I just can not get behind it's taste.  These V-8 energy drinks have Green Tea Extract (that's where they get their "energy") in them.  Since I'm always trying to get myself to enjoy tea more, because of the affect too much coffee can have, I was excited to try these.

....and the review....

They taste like juice.  I LIKE juice!  I didn't taste one ounce of tea in these.  I received 3 different samples to try: Orange Pineapple, Pomegranate Blueberry, and Peach Mango.  Looking at their site, I do see that they have more flavors available also that I'm excited to try.  The ones I got to try tasted really great!  They are only 50% juice which is kind of a bummer, BUT they do have a full serving of fruits and vegetables in one can!  Also, at only 50 calories per can, it isn't going to ruin your diet.
My favorite was the Orange Pineapple, but really they are all tasty!

As far as the "pick me up" it gave me: it was more natural, and I didn't really notice it.  Meaning, I had more energy, and wasn't tired after I drank it and went about my day, but I didn't 'feel' the caffeine, if you know what I mean.  Coffee can sometimes make me feel jittery, which honestly doesn't bother me, and makes my stomach get all bubbly.  None of that with these drinks!

Along with the 3 free samples, Bzz Agent gave me some free coupons.  While I gave some out to my husbands co-workers, I did save some for myself so I can try some more flavors!  Next on my list is Black Cherry!