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Wow Cup! Review

     If you are a parent of a toddler, you know the struggle of sippy cups.   Sure, they are advertised as spill proof, but are they really?  If you are like me, you've gone through a variety of brands that just don't seem to work great.  Either the child figures out how to manipulate the spout to make milk come out, or likes to shake it upside down to make it "rain".  How about the dreaded instance when she throws the cup down, so she can see a white puddle form at the base of the table?  All of these situations are definitely not ideal.   Don't even get me started about the fear of giving your toddler a milk cup in the car!  Who wants spilt, smelly milk, all over your upholstery?  I sure don't!

Melissa and Doug
     This past summer, I was very lucky to have a family member present my child with a new sippy.   She said she had saw it on tv and though they were cute, so she wanted to pick a couple up for my daughter.  The cup is called "Wow Cup".  Here is the link for the online site

     Looking online, they seem to gear these cups towards older children, and not toddlers.  I love it for my two year old though!  It only took her a few tries, and watching me do it, to figure out how to suck from the lid.  It's great, because they can just pick it up and drink from any area of the top.  The whole edged circle is the spout!    The cup can be turned upside down, and shaken hard, and not a drop will come out!   You can drop it on the floor and the lid stays intact, and the drink stays inside. 

     This company seems to be expanding its line also!  I have not tried them yet, but it looks like they have come out with baby sippy cups, the ones that have handles, for the younger group.  What a great idea!  At the end of the year, they will also have available, cups for adults and accessories such as coasters.  It's a great concept, and it really seems to be working!

     My only problem with the cup, is that one of them did form some mold on the underside of the lid (as shown in the picture below).  After a  few emails back and forth with the customer service department though, they are offering to send me out a new lid to replace the one that was damaged.  They informed me that this was not a common report and wanted to fix it for me right away.   One thing that they told me that I did not know, was that the lid is actually two pieces.  When you are cleaning it, it is best to pop the pieces apart to wash and air dry.

      So, even though I had a product that got moldy easily, I would still recommend it!  Their customer service was fantastic, and assured me that this does not normally happen.  I do have two of these cups, and have had no problem with the other one.