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The Darker Side of Potty Training

     With the upcoming baby, I really want my youngest to get potty trained before the due date.  She just turned two in June, so I knew it may be hard at such a young age.  I am determined to have her as independent as possible by the time January comes.

     First, I would like to state a clear advisory about this post.  It contains "potty" talk.  As moms, we are all used to this, talking about our kids and their bathroom attempts, so really, it comes second nature to me.

     With my first daughter, She didn't get potty trained till she was 3, and it was completely different than what I am experiencing now.

     Kids are gross.  LOL  Plain and simple.  With my youngest, it just seems like pee and poo does not phase her, but she's learning!   For about a week I put her in pull ups and took her to the bathroom all the time.  She seemed to figure out the "going" part pretty easily.   It was just the "holding it" part that needs some work.  I figured that I would just dive right in and put her in underwear, hoping that she will hate the feeling of being wet or dirty and learn quickly how to hold it.

     I just want to talk about a few of the "fun" times I've had with this whole adventure of potty training.  All three of these incidents happened while she was in her big girl undies.

1.)  I had Lilly in her room playing, while I was cleaning downstairs.  I hear her calling for me, and because I'm still new at her being in underwear, don't think much of it.  I send my oldest up to play with her so I can finish cleaning what I'm doing.  Then I hear it.  "Moooommmmyy! I am NOT playing in there with poop on the bed!!"   What?  Poop?  On the bed?!?!?!?   And the fun begins.  I run up there to see what the damage is.  Sure enough, Lilly's underwear was off, and there was poop.  EVERYWHERE.  There was poop on the bed, on the floor, in her empty dresser drawer, and even a little smudge on her cheek, just to top it all off.  Talk about an immediate bath time and impromptu cleaning/disinfection of her whole room!

2.)  On another day, while playing in her room I hear her call me again.  I have learned my lesson from before and this time I go up right away.  She's standing there next to her bed, butt naked, pointing down at the floor.  Pointing to where she peed.   Seriously, I feel like I'm cleaning up after my dog!  At least she felt the urge and knew to take off her underwear right?

3.)  The third adventure also took place in her room (are you seeing a pattern?)  I had her in her room for maybe four minutes while I was trying put put away laundry.   Once again I hear her call me "Mommy Mommy Mommmmyy."   I go in to see the new damage.  For a few minutes I'm excited.  I smell poop but don't see any in her underwear!  Woohoo!  I made it to her in the beginning stages, and she hasn't gone yet.  I quickly bring her to the potty and sit her down.  She's sitting for a minute and I go back to her room just to make sure.  I realize it smells way too stinky still to just have been a lingering fart.  I search her room (which isn't too hard because most things are taken out of it) and I finally find it.  A big piece of poo in her dresser drawer. Really?  Again, I try to find the positive in this situation.  She knew she wasn't suppose to poop in her underwear, and tried to hide it.  That, or she just didn't like how it felt.  Either way, I take it as progress USA, LLC

     Although we've had some interesting times with this new stage of her life, I am really proud of her.  Besides pooping, she is usually accident free.  I'm on about my third week of having her in underwear, and she only gets a pull up at nap and night time.  I go do errands with her and we take walks and she keeps her underwear dry all day.  As long as I take her every hour and a half or so, she seems to do great!  She loves to go, and I can tell she is proud of herself too and feels like a big girl.

Do you have any eventful stories of potty training your little ones??