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DohVinci review

     As being part of the Bzz Agent community, they send me free products to try out and review.  Recently, I was given an art set.  I was really excited about this, because one of my 6 year olds favorite things to do is art!  When the mail came, Ashley and I were happy to review Doh Vinci.

     I was actually a little confused on exactly what this product was.  Looking at the box, it basically seemed like a play dough gun.  And in fact, that's what it pretty much is.  You get a "gun" and some "paint", which is just playdough.  You use the gun to decorate the pieces that you are given.  Included are also little decorative tips.  The tips are almost like stamps, to make different shapes, (flowers, stars, etc).

     We got everything out and set up before we started.  With just a piece of paper, we practiced using the gun, before we put it on the cardboard pieces.  My daughter is only 6, and the age suggestions on the box say 6+.  I definitely agree with this.  While she was able to finally figure it out, she still had a hard time getting the "paint" to come out evenly, and pretty.  

     The kit that we received was called "Flower Tower".  It has spots for pictures to be added and then you put all the pieces together for a fun "3D" frame.  This is a start that I decorated.  Honestly, I don't think it looks that nice, and I'm an adult!!   Ashley had such a hard time decorating the cardboard pieces.  After they are done, they need to dry overnight.  Even doing that, I felt like the play dough didn't really stick as well as it should.  I mean, it did get hard, but my kids are rough, so just rubbing it, or throwing it around, will cause the play dough to come off.  

     Ashley gave up pretty quick on decorating the tower.  She got too frustrated that the regular gun option was hard to come out and stick to the cardboard.  She'd much rather use the stamper to make designs, and had more fun doing those on just a piece of paper.  

      In the end, we would probably not buy this for ourselves at this age.  I really think this would be better for older children, at least 8 and up.  They have more control and strength (because it's a little hard to push out) to do this.  


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