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Tooth Fairy

     While on vacation, Ashley noticed her tooth was loose.  Daddy and I were out at the movies at the time, but when we came home, she was so excited to tell us.  For the next week she couldn't contain herself.  She felt like such a big girl and was so excited for it to fall out.  I was happy because usually she's worried about anything and everything hurting, but not this time.  This time, all she cared about was the significance of the tooth, and that it meant she was growing up!

Melissa and Doug

     Finally, after we were home, it looked like it would be any day that the tooth would fall out.  Daddy jokingly told her not to let it fall out while he was at work, and she actually agreed!  But, while we were driving around during errands, she pulled it out.  She said she gently tugged it and it just fell in her hand.  She was so happy.  Bloody, but happy.  I gave her napkins, since we were still driving and told her to try to clean up.  When we stopped, she used her water bottle to clean out the rest.  She wanted me to call Daddy and made it very clear I wasn't suppose to say anything.  So I did, and she told him how she didn't listen, and took her tooth out while he was at work!

      Now, I was being quite the slacker.  I've known she had a loose tooth for over a week, yet I still didn't think about the actually Tooth Fairy night.  I didn't have anything for her to put her tooth in.  When I was growing up, I had a cute little pillow with a special pocket for the tooth.  Nope, Ashley had nothing!  Someone suggested to me that she just make her own though.  So that's what we did.  She took a plastic sandwich bag, and I wrote on it the note she wanted for the Tooth Fairy.  Then she decorated the back with stickers.  She actually had a lot of fun doing this.  

     Ashley, usually, fights us to go to bed.  A lot of "Awww, do I have to?"  or "I'm not even tired yet".  Not this night though.  Instead, she kept asking us if it was bedtime yet.  So, 30 minutes before said time, we gave in and said, "Yes, it's time to go to bed!"  I put her to bed no problems and, for the most part, she fell right asleep. 

     When my husband and I went up to bed though, we heard sobbing coming from her room!  Ashley was so upset that she had to give away her tooth.  It was her first tooth she said, and it was special to her.  I probably should of came up some quick response so that she could keep it, but I didn't.  I talked to her about it a little bit, then took a picture of it for her to look at whenever she wants.  With that, she turned over and went back to sleep!

     The next morning, she came down very happy with what the Tooth Fairy had left her.  We read the note together and she was one happy girl.  All this happening 2 days before she turned 6.  So much growing up for this little girl.  Where does the time go?

     Oh, and it's been almost a week, and she has yet to ask to see the picture of the tooth.  I guess the gifts made up for it!!! USA, LLC