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     I have done my share of fundraising in my lifetime.  I used to be a girl scout and I fundraised like the best of them.  I was a cookie pusher, every single year.  I had to get the top number of boxes sold, or I was a disappointment to myself!  It didn't stop at cookies either.  There were many more fundraisers for this group throughout the year, nothing as big as cookie time though!  I was in other activities growing up as well that had many fundraisers; choir, basketball, school.  It's a skill, a skill that can be learned! USA, LLC

     Fundraising is so much easier these days, though.  Have you noticed, how different it can be then when you were a kid.  Back when I was young, I'd walk all around my neighborhood, by myself knocking on everyone's door.  If the neighborhood was out of walking distance, then your parent would get in the car and drive you there.  They didn't get out though, usually they just drove as you walked from house to house.  And if you were lucky to have a parent work at a place with a lot of  people, they may have brought the form into their office.  But that was it.

     Now, there's the INTERNET!!  I'm sure you've heard of it! LOL.   There are many outlets online that you can get the word out about your fundraising efforts.  The biggest one I've been using lately is Facebook yardsale sites for the local areas.  My daughter has not had to knock on one door so far.  Although, I think its something that I will definitely have her do, I feel like 6 is a little young for that.  Not to mention, she is extremely shy around people she barely knows, or doesn't know at all.  When I meet people from these yard sale sites, though, I have her get out of the car with me, and do the "interaction" with them.  Even though she does not say much, it's good to get her used to this.  I'm sure we'll be doing fundraisers for a long time!

     Another big outlet, which I did have when I was growing up, is as simple as standing outside a grocery store.  We plan on doing a fundraiser, with a small group of cheer girls, selling hot dogs.  It's perfect, because we will be doing it in the fall, during football season, right near the college campus.  I am hoping we do great!  I'm sure the girls will have a blast, hanging out together and collecting money!!

     Hosting other events are a big way to raise money these days too.  Events such as bake sales, 50/50 raffles, Bingo night, car washes, gift wrapping during the holidays, yard sales and more.  Kids usually have a great time at events, and earning money towards their cause is just a bonus.  If you can think of an event, I'm sure there's a ways to make a fundraiser about it.  Just make sure to advertise, advertise, advertise.  The worst thing would to be to put a lot of time, and sometimes money, into an event and then nobody shows up.  Advertising can make or break any fundraising opportunity.

     The old fundraising tactics still absolutely work.  Knocking on doors, having parents bring forms to work, and asking family and friends.  There's always a way to fundraise, and if it helps save money for a trip, new items, or just an expensive sport, then it will continue to be done forever.  I know I'll do it, and I'll have my children do it.  It's a people skill that's important to learn, talking and selling items to someone you don't know.  It builds confidence, and a strong belief in what you are doing.