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Don't Call it a Comeback...

Wow, time flies when your busy! I can't believe its been 2 years since I've written on my blog.  Since I've rambled about my thoughts.  Since I've shared my love of crocheting.  But it happened.  I lost touch with the art of expressing my thoughts through the internet.  I'm back though, partially thanks to this quarantine, partially thanks to work slowing down, and partially thanks to me missing this.  I have lots of ideas and thoughts I want to share with all of you.  I'm excited to hop back in to the world of typing and blogging!

So, where have I been for these past two years you ask?  I've been teaching, becoming a chauffeur for my kids, handling the house chores, and just being as present as possible for my husband and my children.

I am now finishing up my second year teaching 4th grade at my dream school.  I've wanted to teach at this school ever since my oldest started going here.  I had gotten back into teaching by doing maternity leaves for a year.  I had forgotten how much I had loved it!  Then a position had opened up where I wanted to teach and I hopped on it quick.  The day I found out I got the job, was one of my best days (of course, after my kids were born and marrying my husband....). I can still remember it clearly.  I had just gotten home from subbing, and I was outside watching my kids play.....and then I got the call.  My oldest was aware of what was going on and she was jumping up and down, so excited.  Two years later and I am still so happy to be where I am.

Time has gone by and therefore my children have gotten older...and bigger.  I swear my 5 year old eats more than anyone in this house!  My oldest is now 11 and in 5th grade, my middle is 7 and in 2nd, and my youngest just turned 5 and is in PreK.  With my tiny humans getting older, my schedule is getting fuller.  My two girls are in sports, ALL...THE...TIME.  I mean we go from one season right into another.  I wouldn't want it any other way though.  If where not driving one an hour away to a tournament, then the other has practice across time.  And don't even ask me what we're going to do when my son gets into activities!  It's all an adventure, and I love it.

In between all that, in the small fleeting moments, I dream about how much I used to be able to crochet.  That time is gone now, but that's okay.  I've found ways to still enjoy my passion for crocheting.  First of all, at Christmas, I always crochet each of my students a stoking and throw some goodies in there.  It's not much, but I feel like they realize the love put into them.  That's the great thing about crochet.  It's not always about the next big fad, but it's about the love and care that's put into each item.

I also started something new this year, that I hope to continue.  I've taught my 4th graders how to crochet!  And they love it!  Who would've thought that 9 and 10 year old girls AND BOYS would love to do this "old lady skill"?   Well they do!  Anyways, this is going to be in a blog post of it's own on how that went, so stay tuned!