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Free Crochet Pattern for the "F-Bomb"

I have seen pictures of these F-Bombs floating around for a little while now.  I've really wanted to make them, but without an actual reason, my other priorities took precedent.  Well, I finally had someone order some of them, because, well, they are AWESOME!  I was so excited to get started, but as usual, when searching for patterns, I couldn't find one that I loved.  So in true "The Crocheting Mom" fashion, I decided to make my own!

For this pattern I like to do the F first, so that when I get to towards the top of the bomb, I can have it ready to sew one.

Red Heart With Love Black
Red Heart With Love Holly
Red Heart With Love White
Vanna's Choice Heather
Small amount of red, orange and yellow
G/4.0 Crochet hook
Crochet sewing needle

With Red
Ch 8
Row 1:  Sc in 2nd st and in each st across, turn (7)
Row 2: Ch 1, sc in each st across, turn (7)
Row 3: Ch 1, sc in next 2, turn (2)
Row 4: Ch 1, sc in next 2, turn (2)
Row 5: Ch 1, sc in next 2, ch 4, turn (6)
Row 6: (no chain here), sc in 2nd ch, sc in next 2 ch, sc in next 2 st, turn (5)
Row 7: Ch 1, sc in next 5 st (5)
Row 8: (no chain here), sl st in first 3 st, (sl st, Ch 1, AND sc in next st), sc in last, turn (2)
Row 9: Ch 1, sc in next 2, turn (2)
Row 10: Ch 1, sc in next 2, turn (2)
Row 11: Ch 1, sc in next 2. (2)
Tie off and leave a long tail for sewing onto the bomb.

**I do not join these because I don't like the way the seam looks.  If you're a master at making it look seemless, go for it!**
With Black
Round 1: Magic ring with 6 sc (6)
Round 2: 2sc in each st around (12)
Round 3: *2sc in next, sc in next* repeat 6 times (18)
Round 4: *sc in next 2, 2sc in next* repeat 6 times (24)
Round 5: *2sc in next, sc in next 3* repeat 6 times (30)
Round 6: *sc in next 4, 2sc in next* repeat 6 times (36)
Round 7: sc in each st around (36)
Round 8: *2sc in next, sc in next 5* repeat 6 times (42)
Round 9: sc in each st around (42)
Round 10: *2sc in next, sc in next 6* repeat 6 times (48)
Rounds 11-14: sc in each st around (48)
Round 15: *sc dec, sc in next 6* repeat 6 times (42)
Round 16: sc in each st around (42)
Round 17: *sc in next 5, sc dec* repeat 6 times (36)
Round 18: sc in each st around (36)
Round 19: *sc dec, sc in next 4* repeat 6 times (30)
**This is where I sew my F on.  You can place it in the middle and still easily get into the inside to sew it. ** If you prefer to sew it after your bomb is closed, that's okay too**
Round 20: *sc in next 3, sc dec* repeat 6 times (24)
Round 21: *sc dec, sc in next 2* repeat 6 times (18)
Round 22: *sc in next, sc dec* repeat 6 times (12)
Round 23: sc dec around 6 times (6)
Cut the yarn, leaving a long tail, and weave through those last 6 stitches and pull tight.  Tie off.

With Silver
Round 1: Magic ring with 6 sc, join (6)
Round 2: 2sc in each st around , join (12)
Round 3:  *2sc in next, sc in next 3* repeat around, join (15)
Round 4:  In Back Loops Only - Ch 1, sc in each st around, join (15)
Round 5: Ch 1, sc in each st around (15)
Round 6:  Ch 1, sc in each st around (15)
Leave a long tail for sewing onto the bomb

With White
Ch 7, turn,
Sc in 2nd st and each one across (6)
Leave a long tail for tying onto the top

Take 8 inches of red, yellow, and orange.  Sew it through the top of the wick and knot it off.  With the remaining hanging pieces, separate the 4 plys and kind of rub them between your fingers.  They more they are blended together, the more they look like a flame.

There you have it, a perfectly made F-Bomb.  These little balls of joy are perfect for that most frustrating moment, when you still want to be professional. Throw it at a coworker, have a snowball fight of sorts, toss it at your kids when they are being jerks (just kidding, kind of!).  Whatever your need, I'm sure these bombs will help you out in many ways.  Enjoy!


  1. Sabrina RiddlebergerMay 7, 2018 at 9:14 AM

    Thank you for this. I have made several, adding some variations. I used a stress ball instead of stuffing. They come in handy at work and for a friend going through cancer. I made the F and added a ribbon in the color cancer she is fighting. Thank you so much again.

  2. Thank you so much. I'm involved in a large project at work and was trying to find something to give out to winners of a cleanup challenge we are doing. This is perfect and your pattern is excellent. It is very nice of you to provide this free.

  3. Do you have any tips for sewing the top on? Mine are coming out really messy. I'm not used to seeing stuff after the article is stuffed. Do you use yarn or thread?

    1. If you have a dollar tree near you see if they sell panty hose (that is where i get mine) and put the stuffing inside the panty hose. i get different colors but have found that the tan from the panty hose isn't as visible as the white polyfil is when done .

    2. If the stuffing is showing through you are either over stuffing or stitches are loose.

  4. Can I sell these?

    1. Did you get an answer to this question? I also want to know if I can sell these

  5. Thanks for this! I am currently making my husband sports themed F bombs! I am excited!

  6. LOVE these, thanks for the pattern.

  7. Thank you! I'm going to make these for presents. I'm pretty sure they'll be a big hit.

  8. Made one for a coworker, she absolutely loved it!!! Thank you for a great pattern!

    1. I can’t figure out how to make the F either.

    2. I can’t figure out how to make the F either.

    3. Hey Beth - I know you weren’t talking to me but I just saw this and since I had to make three of them today it’s still fresh in my mind. I didn’t use the original pattern. I chained 10, then turn.

      Row 2 - SC5, Chain 5 - then SC back down your chain. SC 2, Chain 7, SC back down your chain. You should be at the top Corner of the F now. Fasten Off.

    4. I also struggled with the F. Trying to make my own version of it and not liking it. Thinking of just stitching on a piece of felt 😊

    5. Me too. There's something not clear in the F instructions. I've frogged 5 times and still haven't figured it out.

  9. I'm making this now, and have realized that a video guide on how to make the F would be VERY helpful. These are great.

  10. Absolutely the best thing I've ever made! I'm giving them as prizes for our bingo games and for co-workers birthdays! It's hilarious to see the reaction of people when they figure out what it is! Thanks for the pattern! So easy!

  11. Hello! I just wanted to let you know that I started making your F-bombs with just some minor changes a couple of weeks ago and it was the worst/best decision ever. I am getting constant messages from people asking me to make them one or two or in one case 13. So thanks for the nice pattern, it has spread a lot of laughs and smiles.

  12. Please help with making the F. The instructions don't make sense.

    1. I had to watch a video, these instructions didn't make sense to me either. After trying several times I think there is a row missing or one row too many, so a video was helpful

  13. For anyone who has made these, do you put the stuffing in at the end of round 23 of the "bomb" part of the pattern? If not, where do you find it easiest to put the stuffing in?

  14. For anyone who has made these, what is the best place to put the stuffing in the "bomb" part?

  15. Thank you for sharing this cute pattern. I made some for my co-workers.They are a big hit.

  16. What is a good asking price to sell these?

  17. How much would these sell for? I'm going to try to make one and use a styrofoam ball instead of polyfil.

  18. Thank you for sharing this awesome pattern. Can't wait to drop the "F bomb"

    1. Made one for my 9 year old and changed the f to da. So he became "da bomb" and pg rated. Thanks again

  19. thanks so much for this! my teacher occasionally drops one of these in class, its a perfect end of year the year gift! the pattern is very easy to understand and turned out great :)

  20. Thank you so much. I'm going to make one for my daughter and husband. 😂

  21. I love this! Have already made some for friends and more people are asking for them!

  22. Thanks very much for the pattern!

  23. Where’s a video to show how to make the “f”. I’ve tried numerous times and the directions don’t make sense.

  24. I am trying to make the letter ‘F’.
    These instructions baffle me after row 5.

    I could have used some progress photos in this pattern, especially for the ‘F’ after row 5. The instructions are perplexing.

    Progress photos would have been helpful. There are no assembly instructions.

  25. This is cute! To make a mario bomb bomb.

  26. These are GENIUS!! Thank you so much for the pattern, and the incredibly generous permission to sell them! Wishing you endless good karma, love, light, and happiness.

  27. *Letter F*
    I noticed there are a few ROWS that may be confusing. Rows 1-4 appear to be fine. Continuing with R5, this is what I did. I hope this will help anyone having difficulties with this beautiful free pattern from "The Crocheting Mom".

    First: note that this letter is crocheted from the top of the letter F going down.

    R5: ch1, SC in next 2 stitches, DO NOT TURN YET, ch4 then TURN (6)

    R6: working back down the ch4 just created, 2nd loop from hook, Flo ((front loop only)or closest loop to you) SC, SC in the Flo of the next 2 chs, SC in the 2 stitches from the beginning of R5. turn (5)

    R7: ch1, SC next 5 st, turn(5)

    R8: sl st in first 3 st, (sl st, ch1 AND SC in next st), sc in last st. Turn (2)

    R9: ch1, SC in next 2, turn (2)
    R10: ch1, SC in next 2, turn (2)
    R11: ch1, SC in next 2. (2)

    Tie off and leave a long tail for sewing onto the bomb.

  28. Thank you for this pattern. I know that has been said so many times but this really is a great pattern that makes up quickly. My daughter is new to crocheting and she found this pattern. She made three for her fellow class mates and they have been great stress relief during finals. I am now making them and really enjoying how simple this pattern is. Thank you again for such a great pattern that you can do so much with.

  29. This whole thing need to be rewritten. The F instructions are not detailed well, assembly could be added also . . And to make it easier , you could use “inc” instead of saying 2 sc in next stitch … etc.

  30. I think the original of this was actually from Marley Bird, I would consider checking her out! she does a lot of amazing work.

  31. These are amazing! Thank you for sharing the pattern! I ended up using whiffle balls and used metallic paint at the top

  32. I found black polly fill at Joann fabric.


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