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Stok Cold Brew Coffee Review

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When I was offered the option of trying out Stok Cold Brew coffee, I accepted immediately.  I love coffee.  I live on coffee.  If it wasn't for coffee, I don't think I would make it through my day.  Seriously.  With the three kids, two school-aged and one toddler, I need coffee to give me the energy to get everything done in the day.  Between carting the kids around to activities, regular household duties, crocheting, blogging and everything in between, I have a lot to get done each day.  

Ok, Ok, I think you get it.  I like coffee. 

That being said, I usually just go for the same thing.  I get dark roast pods from Sams and add a little bit of my Coffee Mate Creamer and I'm good to go.  I like what I like and I don't change it.  Usually.  

I was excited to try out Stok Cold Brew coffee because, well, it's Summer!  I drink hot coffee all the time, but I do like cold/ice coffee on hot hot days.  I don't want to spend a fortune though going to buy it at the coffeeshop though.  Pouring my hot coffee over ice just doesn't do it for me either.  So, I am usually just stuck drinking my hot coffee.  Oh well.  It gets the job done.  

When I got my coupon in the mail to purchase my free Stok coffee, I immediately when to the store to get it.  It comes in a 48 oz container back in the coolers by the iced coffee cartons near the juices.  There are 3 options to choose from: 
  • Black
  • Not to Sweet
  • and Chocolate
I love chocolate everything, but I really wanted to taste the coffee flavor, so I went with the Not to Sweet bottle. USA, LLC

Each cup of the Not so Sweet variety has 45 calories, so not too bad.  Like I said earlier, I usually use creamer, but I wanted to try it without first, since it wasn't black coffee.  I took a large glass, filled it with ice and poured.  

I actually REALLY liked it.  Just as the name says, it's Not to Sweet!  It also didn't taste like bitter black coffee either.  I could absolutely just drink it like this.  But, because I love my creamer, I wanted to see how it would taste if I added a little of that.  

After just adding a small splash to my glass, I was so excited to drink it.  It...was....perfect!  It was so smooth and tasted like an ice coffee I would buy at that expensive place (you all know where I'm talking about!)  But for the price of one coffee there, I can get this whole 48 oz container at my store (Kroger) and, bonus, not have to wait in a line!!!

So what is cold brew mean anyways?
  • Stok coffee brews at a lower temperature than hot and it steeps for over 10 hours! It is different then regular iced coffee, which is just hot coffee brewed and put over ice.  Iced coffee tends to have more of a bitter taste.   

If you love coffee as much as I do, I just know you will love this.  Its the easiest way to get a great tasting, smooth, cold coffee! 


  1. Can't ever get enough coffee, be it hot, cold or in between! I wonder if we have this brand in Canada? I will check next time I am in the store. Thanks for sharing.

    1. It's sooo good. And I agree, coffee is really good in any form! LOL

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