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A Few Phone Calls That Can Put Hundreds of Dollars in Your Pockets

Are you trying to save money?  Or maybe your trying to find some extra money to pay off that one particular bill.  Finding extra money from a set budget can sometimes be hard.  Here is a way that may take an hour or so, and it could save you hundreds a year! USA, LLC

Get your current monthly bills lowered!

Seriously, all you have to do is call and ask.  Obviously you won't be able to get a car payment, or electric bill reduced, but you would be surprised how many companies will lower their payment to just keep you on as a customer.  All you have to do is mention the word "cancel" even if you don't plan on it at all.

I called five different companies and they all were able to reduced it, even if only by $5.  In total, I saved us about $47 a month.

Saving only $5 a month on a bill may seem like small potatoes at first, but if you do it for more than one company it adds up.

Like I said, I saved about $47 a month, which is equal to $564 a year!

What are you doing sitting there??  Get to calling!