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Valentine's Day "Cards"

     It's that time of year again, when children of all the young classes are excited to pass out little trinkets and notes to tell their friends just how lucky they are to have them in their lives.  It's Valentine's day this Saturday, so my daughter came home with her list of classmates, excited to tackle this years creative "cards".
     Last year I blogged about different ideas that you could use, here, as well as a post about what we chose to do, crayon hearts, here.   This year, I again have a small list of creative, yet easy ideas.  WIth having a newborn, I just didn't have the time to do something as time consuming as the heart crayons.  I went to trusty Pinterest and scrolled through the massive amounts of ideas, created a list that I was willing to do with her, and let her choose from that list.  Here are the options that I gave her:

1.  Super Valentine - Take a tootsie pop and with construction paper make a cape that you can attach to the stick.  On the cape, you can write, "You are SUPER", or, "I'm SUPER glad that you are in my class".  There are endless ideas of what you can write on these!  If you are really adventurous, you can also cut out small masks from the construction paper as well and attach those to the pop!

2.  Bubble Sticks - This one is pretty simply.  You just find bubble sticks at any party store, or a store like Target, and attach a paper to it.   The paper can read, "Bubble Bubble, Pop, Pop.  Valentine, you make my heart drop", or,  "I'm bubbling with excitement that you are my friend".

3.  Kinetic Sand - You can find this at most craft stores, and now in a variety of colors!  Just take a small amount, like the small play dough tubs, and put some in a clear container, also found at craft stores.  On the top, with a piece of paper, you can write, "I love how you think outside the sandbox!"

4.  Love Bugs - Simply put some sour worms, or gummy bugs into a clear plastic baggie with the top closed up with a paper saying "Love Bugs" on it.

5.  Straws - Find some fun straws, and attach a paper to it that says "Sip, Sip, hooray, it's Valentine's Day!"

     Out of these choices, my daughter chose the last one, which I knew she would since she loves the squiggly straws.  I went to the local party store and we found a pack of colored squiggly straws with enough for her classmates, and her friends outside of her class.  Then, I saw cute little tags that we could attach to them.  While the did not have the cute saying on them, mentioned above, it was less time consuming and worked perfect for us!  Here are a couple of pictures of my daughter completing them.

First she had to write out the labels. 

Then she had to stick the labels to the straws.  This part was a little tricky for her because she had to line it up without it sticking together wrong!

The finished product!