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Pregnancy dreams


     A lot of weird things happen when your pregnant.  I find one of the weirdest things is the dreams that you have.  They become so much more vivid, and just plain out there!  Lately, I've woken up with a few that just have me wondering what they mean.  I've read that you remember your dreams more when you are woken during your REM sleep.  And any woman who has been pregnant, knows that there is always something that wakes us up in the middle of the night, multiple times.  Whether it be leg cramps, full bladders, or just that big 'ol belly getting in the way, there is alway something interrupting our much wanted sleep.

     Here are a few of my dreams, starting with the least weird!

1.  This one was a quick one.  I dreamt that I had a hole in my front tooth.  Not just a regular cavity, where it takes a doctor to see the hole, but like a small button sized hole right through the middle of my tooth.  It seemed so real that when I woke up I had to go check in the mirror that I still had all my teeth intake!!

2.  I dreamt that my husband and I were driving down a road near my old hometown.  I was driving and he was in the passenger seat.  We started going up the hill, and the car just stalled.  It had taken us like 5 minutes to realize that it was because we were out of gas.  Oops!  My husband had decided to take a gas can we had in the back and walk to the nearest gas station.  I was sitting on the side of the road, with my windows half down, playing on my old IPhone 3.  All of a sudden, some lady, who I thought was homeless, came and stuck her hand in my window trying to take it.  The funny thing was, the thing that confused me the most was why does she want this phone.  It's old and there are IPhone 6's out now!  LOL.  I freaked out, rolled up my window and locked my doors.  She banged on my car for a little bit, and when she finally gave up, she walked two houses down and sat in the front lawn with her family.  She had a family right there while she was trying to do it!  AND her house was huge!   I was just so confused.  I woke up before my husband returned with the gas, but remembered the dream up to that point clearly.

3.  This last dream I found as the weirdest, and you will see why!  I was at my mom's house sitting at her computer desk.  I felt some movement in my belly and looked down to see my baby somehow morphing out of it.   My belly didn't cut open or anything, there was no blood, the baby just came out somehow.  I was so excited but realized, it was too soon.  He still needed another 2 months in there to fully develop.  He started crying though, and I didn't want to put him back in all upset.  I figured if I fed him he'd be happy.  So I started nursing my baby, the baby that just morphed out of my belly, like it wasn't weird at all.  Once he finished eating and seemed happy again I burped him, told him I'd see him soon, and then pushed him back into my belly.  I woke up thinking "Uh, what just happened?!?!?!" LOL!

Have you had any odd, weird, or bizarre dreams while pregnant?  I'd love to hear them.  Mine just crack me up!!!